Peacock Feathers

"Caught in the lament tides of a bird,
an outpour rain of maroon blood,
when a peacock spreads its wings abroad
and hisses its chalk-colored eyes at the sky"
. ~Anthony Liccione

Flowing Feathers
Tucked angel wings
stained with orchid tears,
enshroud a forgotten warrior
whose headdress weeps
onto sacred plains.
His ancient feet
punch the soft amber earth
rhythmic; offered
with gracious chants
that float aloft
toward the nothing
that is everything
. ~Angela Goughnour

Part of the Dream Weave Walk 1999-2010

Golf Greens

"Forsake the game,
Before somebody else,
That's not my trait,
I gonna fight it back,
on this green golf land

My night is over now,
I'm up on rise again,
Gonna put you all behind in game
You know,I'm still THE BEST"
. ~ Dhaval Vadgama

He carries in his wallet
This portrait of his mistress
Who inspires his devotion
And weekend sunrise rendezvous
The harlot betrays him
And he still loves her
With stick-shattering passion
And feeds her endless hunger
With his Titleist
. ~ Brandy Stoner

GOLF GREENS(2005) Size:20" X 18"

Part of the Dream Weave Walk 1999-2010

Exotic Dreams

"In Rain, a call to sleep content,
between the water’s soft lament
of dripping thoughts and candles weep,
some puddles form on floors beneath

A splash or two, outside between the storms.
bright flashes in my dreams
awake a sense, but not today.
it seems to nice to sleep this way."
. -Robert Henry
EXOTIC DREAMS (2005) Size: 17" X 21"

Part of the Dream Weave Walk 1999-2010


"Show me the Sun in pieces arrayed,
Show me the night in their shadows displayed.
Tomorrow will come and whole, once again,
The Sun will shine brighter, its pieces to mend."
. ~Amanda G. Fullington

S (2005) Size: 17" X 21"

Part of the Dream Weave Walk 1999-2010